Best Linux-based server for Mp3 & Photos

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    All I use the HMO for is the original functionality, namely playing music and looking at pictures. I'd like to turn off the always-on Windows box that's currently running the Tivo Desktop software and move this functionality to a Linux machine. I found Galleon, ptivohmo and byRequest; I liked the option of the latter two, thinking they'd be more lightweight than the java-based Galleon. But ptivohmo has some problem that my Series 2 doesn't recognize it as a valid Tivo server; byRequest is recognized but it's not quite working properly either.

    Are these older HMO servers just past their prime, and not worth messing with? Is Galleon my best option for what I am looking to do?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I just responded to your other thread about byRequest.

    Currently I run Galleon and pyTiVo on my Linux "server" which is just a Celeron-based Toshiba laptop with 512mb RAM. Yeah, since Galleon is Java-based it's not as lightweight, but it supports music, photos (even HD Photos with the latest release), and other cool apps. I would recommend you check it out.

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