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    I am stuck with Time Warner in a small town in NC. I am thinking of setting up a TV Antennae (any suggestions of model) to receive local stations and then opting for a internet streaming service. I was thinking about the TiVo Bolt and Hulu. Will the Bolt allow me to tape recordings from the TV antennae? If so, how would the programming for local stations be formatted?
    FYI I am a defunct Series 2 player and I need to start over. Any suggestions?
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    Get TiVo Roamio OTA instead of Bolt:

    That is if antenna only.

    No monthly fees once you purchase it.

    Works great, I have one. Don't quite understand your question about "formatting local stations" - but you can record them, have guide, etc. etc.
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    The antenna I recommend is the ClearStream 4. I'm not sure if I was to choose just one streaming service, that it would be Hulu if you're getting a TiVo. Reason being is that Hulu mainly supplies the same network programming that you can pickup OTA with your TiVo and record yourself anyway, so you're just duplicating the same programs with the exception of CBS, which isn't on Hulu. I recommend if you pick one under $10 it would be NetFlix. If you want to spend a little more and get cable type programs, then I'd say PS Vue first then SlingTV. As far as devices to use with TiVo, I think FireTV box is best since it has all those apps plus a beta TiVo app.

    Yes, you can "tape" (record) programs using the Bolt. Not sure what you're asking re: how they would be "formatted"? It will record MPEG2 ATSC streams on the antenna and they'll be in whatever format the broadcaster chose (16x9 widescreen - 480p, 720p, 1080i). It will only accept digital transmissions, not analog, if there are even any left around you.

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