Batwoman S01E10 "How Queer Everything Is Today!" 19 Jan 2020

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  1. Amnesia

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    OK, first of all---was Batwoman (as opposed to Kate Kane) identified as a lesbian in the comics? It definitely seems like that would narrow down the possible secret identities for Batwoman... I know, I know---people in comic books/TV shows are pretty bad about recognizing secret identities, but still...

    I was surprised that they didn't show any fallout or any disorientation on Kate's part from the whole Crisis. There were various reminders that we're all on Earth-Prime now (the early mention of Oliver Queen's death, the article from Kara Danvers), but I would expect that the world would be somewhat different with the merge and that wasn't addressed at all...

    ...unless that's what Beth's appearance at the end was supposed to be...but that doesn't really make sense, since Alice was in the bulk of this post-Crisis episode and identified herself as Kate's sister...

    I wish the producers had taken the opportunity offered to them by the Crisis to erase Alice---she's in too many episodes and IMO a superhero show should show the hero/-ine facing a greater variety of enemies, especially in the show's first year...
  2. JYoung

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    "Beth" looks exactly like the picture Kate saw while on Earth-99.

    It would appear that the suggestion is that "Beth" (or maybe even Alice) is an alternate Earth version of Beth (note the lack of quotes).

    Especially since
    on the following episode of Supergirl, there were multiple versions of Brainiac 5 running around.
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    Did anyone else pick up on the mention of Chris Evans and Captain America on more than one occasion in this episode? A Marvel character mentioned in a DC TV show? Holy crossover, Batman!
  4. Rob Helmerichs

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    Although of course it was in the context of the Marvel character being a mere fictional character (as opposed to the real-life DC characters)! ;)
  5. cheesesteak

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    15 mins...


    I wish they had erased Alice, period. But I do agree with you that Batwoman should have multiple villains even if most of them are just villains of the week. Alice should have had a three or four episode story arc. I'm on the fence with this show because she's such a bad Big Bad. And I'm tired of seeing her fight evenly with Batwoman.

    Kate's dad is in gen pop? Who's his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani?

    How did Kate get to be a billionaire? Did Bruce Wayne leagally leave his fortune to her?
  6. Malcontent

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    Sep 4, 2004
    I would think more like Michael Avenatti.

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