Battlestar Galactica 2/03/2006 (S02E15) "Scar"

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    The chief's sharon might have been a special case. She did not know she was a cylon and had blackout periods. My guess is that she had to communicate with the cylons in order to get orders and such. That's one possible explanation anyway.

    As far as the caprica sharon goes, it is not at all surprising that she knows a lot. She was part of the plan for a while and knew the plan, whereas the galactica sharon didn't seem to know much.
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    When Galactica Sharon was killed maybe her memories where pushed out to all of the Sharon models. That would explain it, right? I agree this area is a bit vague, since the term resurrection implies that a spylon dies and is reborn, keeping the same memories, not that a Sharon dies and the memories are broadcast out to all Sharons.
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    My thinking was that Helo's Sharon was specifically setup, probably linked at "birth" to the Galactica Sharon, and received "updates" from time to time. Having all of them setup to receive the memories of all the others that die would get really confusing in a hurry.

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    I think it's safe to assume that the human models are different from the other cylons...
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    I think it's safe to assume that the BSG writers do not have this issue firmly defined in their story arc plans...
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    Exactly! The only thing that is safe to assume is that the writers will use whatever plot device they need to move along whatever story they are telling THIS week. Consistency not welcome, and need not apply.
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    Maybe not at birth - they probably just "blacked out" G Sharon at some point during the "33" crisis (or maybe in the mini) and downloaded her into Caprica Sharon when they figured out that it was Helo the centurions were chasing on Caprica. My sense is that it's not the normal procedure (which is 1-to-1 or 1-to-many resurrection).

    That's why Caprica Sharon remembers the stuff on Galactica before Caprica was nuked, but doesn't know (for example) that G Sharon was killed by Cally until Zarek's sidekick tells her about it. All of this is established in dialogue in "Home" parts 1 and 2 (and reinforced in the conversation with Kara in this episode).

    Of course, "Downloaded" in a few weeks will probably flesh this out a bit more.
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    I thought it turned out that she remembered more than she was letting on? My understanding has been that she remembers more or less everything; I'm pretty sure that at some point she mentioned remembering shooting Adama.
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    Isn't there a distance problem here though? I guess they could explain it with some type of relay system. But then why did they need to trail the resurrection ship?

    Consistent or well thought out, BSG isn't. I still like it though (for what is it).

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    Thats over. He is back to normal. He was only dark for two episodes. Came on almost out of no where and is gone now. He is all better and worried about Starbuck's mental state / drinking.

    They really need to stop making every thing fit in one hour. Develop the charchters. Not everything needs (or even should) fit in 1 or 2 episodes.

    I was actually half hoping scar would kill Starbuck and the other woman she was flying/fighting with. In SD you could barely even see how scared up scar was.

    Totally lame story. Hope this week is better.
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    They also need to invent some more curse words or cut back on using this one. fraking everyone one and everything. Every 3rd word seems to be fraking. It was funny / cute for maybe the first season.
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    Wotta frakin' sith head! ;)
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    I would agree... a few more colorful epithets would be welcome, because they really seem to be overusing the "frak" button lately.
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    lol, same here. at least i enjoyed it for a week. :)
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    My recollection is that she never said that; I think once she said "I remember everything that happened to her" [G Sharon] or some such, but all the examples are of things that took place before Helo was abandoned on Caprica. C Sharon remembers being G Sharon, but I don't see any dialog that says she could remember things that happened to G Sharon after her consciousness was "forked" from hers, which must have happened by the end of "33" (and nobody would have bothered with before the end of the mini).

    And, if she'd known about G Sharon capping the old man, she probably wouldn't have meandered around waiting for Lee to pull a gun on her (or Laura to space her) the second she showed up back in the fleet.

    Besides, the existence of the resurrection ship suggests that G Sharon couldn't have been downloaded all the way to Caprica when she died.
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    Yeah, whatever happened to felgercarb?

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