Basic questions about directv without a phone line

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    Sorry but my Locals come in on the 72.5 Sat not the 101 Sat.
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    Jun 2, 2006
    Have a camp on the other side of the property and have been taking a regular old RCA, non-dvr, over to watch while the guys are all in camp. Decided I can do with out that extra reciever in the house and left it behind. A friend went to us the camp, which only has a generator for power and told the TV would not work it said they "need to contact Customer service".. I am thinking that because it was powerless that it now had to be re-activated? So basicly I can not leave it there for 2 months with out power?? COrrect
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    If a receiver is offline for a month or more, it will go inactive. It's easy to fix. Just call DirecTV and specify the "extension" - it will do an automated reset and should activate the receiver. This can also be done from the web site. The receiver needs to be powered up and connected to the satellite dish for this to work.

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