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    I am looking for a way to use the TiVo functionality (pause, rewind while recording, etc.) from a live camcorder input... I have tested a Humax DRT400 and can only see a live stream from the camcorder and am not able to go back and view previous footage while continuing to record. I am really interested in this particular functionality and am not limited to any particular box or manufacturer. If anyone has any insights into current boxes that enable this, or ways to make this work, please help!
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    the HUMAX models do not come with TiVo basic so you can not do any recording without getting a subscription.

    what you do have is a 30 minute buffer that you are seeing now. within that 30 minutes you can pause Rw and FF all you want but the 30 minutes keep moving along and anything on the end of the buffer is lost for good.

    You could look into the Toshiba with DVD recorder TiVo models. They have TiVo basic that comes with the box and can do manual recordings and then manually burn those to a dvd if you want. search for model RSTX20

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