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    I have 2 DSR708s. I will call them UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. A few months ago UPSTAIRS tivo started having pixelation and skipping so I put in a new HD. It did not fix the issues so I started digging a little more. I noticed that it only happened on 1 of the 2 tuners and it was more prevalent as I went up in channels. For example, the "bad tuner" would work ok on Channel 4 but on Channel 236 it was unbearable. After some reading, I (wrongly or correctly) decided it was a bad tuner. The DOWNSTAIRS tivo had only ever used one tuner and it was fine. So I decided to swap TiVOs. UPSTAIRS tivo was moved to the downstairs, and one tuner was disabled and has no issues now. DOWNSTAIRS tivo was moved to the upstairs, the 2nd tuner activated and I have the same issue. 1 tuner works fine, the other skips and pixelates.

    Could this be something other than bad tuners? Could it be a bad LNB? Bad Multiswitch?

    Any ideas?

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    Try swapping SAT IN cables on the back of the "bad" Tivo. Does the problem always stay on the same tuner, or move to the other one? Sounds like you might have a defective dish/multiswitch, or a problem with one satellite cable/connector.
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    1 tuner good, 1 tuner bad on DirecTiVos, or any other strange symptoms on any TiVo, is often a sign of a flaky power supply.

    Go read the wikipedia page on "capacitor plague" to learn how to spot the problem visually.

    You can also further your education at

    It's not a difficult or expensive fix, you just need to make sure you use low ESR, high temp (105C) capacitors of the correct microFarad (uF) rating and the same Working Voltage (or the next step up, like subbing a 10V for a 6.3V).

    Also have a look at

    If there's a decent repair shop in your area, you might be able to get them to fix it fairly cheaply.
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    But it's not a capacitor problem if the symptom follows one specific SAT IN cable.

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