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    I have imctv as my tv company.

    areas they service are:

    jenkins, ky
    harold, ky
    eolia, ky (my area)

    the guides are all messed up with tons of errors. the jenkins, ky guide is correct, but has 2 issues. issue 1 is channel 463 bbc america-e was moved to channel 91. the channel 91 says sec-a as channel id and has wrong guide info. please move the guide info to channel 91. also we have 2 usa networks now in sd format is channel 88 and hd format is channel 188, but it says no title available.

    the other 2 guides has all channels out of order, no show title, and cannot correct it self. i live
    in eolia, ky area, but i have to use the jenkins ky guide because it has correct data except channel 91 is now bbc america-e and it has no show listings for bbc america-e yet because they never moved guide from channel 463 to channel 91. please also copy channel 91 guide for bbc america-e to 191 channel in hd format. channel 188 needs a copy of channel 88's show listings because they are the same channel as well, they are both usa network. i contacted tivo 4 times over 3 months nothing happen.
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    hmm is get involved they will move

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    Use the linked form. TiVo generally responds with fixes in about 5 business days.

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