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  1. killerdc

    killerdc New Member

    Jan 21, 2005
    Rockwall, Texas


    I had an installer come out today...of course I am stuck at work and am going on the word of my wife.... who said that the satellite he was trying to install was a bad batch?!%&^)(*^

    WTF is a bad batch satellite? You think he meant the H20 he was installing? This was a new 5 lnb dish along with a HD reciever. They made call after call and supposedly spent a good bit of time on teh phone with his supervisor and kept getting some kind of failure, and now they have to come back some other day.

    Its frustrating thats for sure.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sdchrgrboy

    sdchrgrboy New Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    San Diego
    Why is this in an HD Tivo forum? Last time I checked the H20 didn't have Tivo.
  3. Stanley Rohner

    Stanley Rohner New Member

    Jan 18, 2004
    Last time I checked the satellites were in space not installed at peoples homes.

    What do you mean ? Satellite dish? Satellite Receiver?
  4. moonman

    moonman New Member

    Jul 21, 2004
    Some installers are not yet aware, that when selecting the 5LNB set-up screen, they
    will get an error screen....this is because the 99 sat., is not available yet(S/W2 not active
    yet)...they could be seeing this error msg, and thinking something is wrong with the rec'r.
    All they need to do when this error screen comes up, is to click the "ignore-fix later"
    icon....this could be the problem?
  5. killerdc

    killerdc New Member

    Jan 21, 2005
    Rockwall, Texas


    I dont think thats the problem. He is not saying the receiver is the problem. I get my local channels in HD but not any of the HD package. It is activated, its just receiving it. I guess I can get rid of the antenna in the attic, well I guess not yet cause apparently all this SUPER DUPER HUB BUB about new satellites has yielded a total of only 3 of the 4 major stations in HD and non of the other stations that are already HD in the area. Obviously, I meant satellite dish, and if I said he was coming to put in an H20, then its a reciever as well. The point was, I have never heard someone say there is a bad batch of satellite dishes.

    Also, since I have a TIVO connected to this same TV it is related.

    Isnt the guy supposed to drop a third line to run to the HD receiver? There is still two lines coming out of my wall. I guess I am slightly confused.
  6. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
    The AT9 dish is a bit more complicated to set up. I would have to say that the installers haven't had enough experience with it. See the videos on the SolidSignal website concerning its installation.

    For OTA, he indeed needs to install the third line as the new AT9 dish doesn't allow diplexing.
  7. Runch Machine

    Runch Machine New Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    I'd never remove the TV antenna from the attic. It's your most reliable form of reception. You can always connect it to your TV or set top box and get your local channels. We had several major thunder storms that damaged trees and homes last summer. Satellite reception was out due to rain fade from the storm, but the local digital and analog channels continued to come in perfectly, received by my attic antenna.

    Satellite and cable technology changes constantly, new dishes, new boxes etc. The switch to digital TV is the first change in 50 year to render old TVs unusable without getting a digital set top box. Even today I can connect my 50 year old Motorola 21" TV to my TV antenna and get reception.

    In reality, the same TV antenna that most people have had on their homes for decades can still be used for receiving digital channels and HDTV. Unless you need the attic space for something else, leave the antenna there, you never know when you might need it.
  8. TyroneShoes

    TyroneShoes HD evangelist

    Sep 6, 2004
    One more thing to consider...if you are getting the 5-lnb dish to future your system for Ka but you still have a non-Ka receiver such as the HR10, all of the tweaking will be to site in just the Ku channels, and they will have to guess as whether the Ka will fall in line or not. This makes it best to wait until actually getting a H20 or equivalent.

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