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  1. cconk01

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    Aug 29, 2005


    i was wondering if the tivo series 2 unit supported an APC Batery Back-up unit via usb. for instance, if i bought one and put the ub cable from the ups into the tivo would the tivo understand the ups is about to die and to turn off before it losses all its batery power?
  2. Tracy RainH2o

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    Nov 17, 2005
    I doubt it but search to be sure. The UPS units that I have will give you the option of saving data and closing programs before the battery power is depleted. It does require that you install their software on your computer. It is this reason that I say no.
  3. gfb107

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    Jul 16, 2001
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    No need to hook up the Battery Bach-up unit by USB. The TiVo software is designed to handle power loss well. And it does.

    However, like any computer, the hardware (especially the drives) doesn't do well with fluctuating power (quick cycling of power). The Back-UPS will take care of that problem without the TiVO supporting the USB connection.
  4. dagap

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    Yeah, that's what people say. But there are numerous reports on these boards of data corruption due to power loss.

    One of mine was on a UPS, but I shut it down to move it to another room. It then got stuck on Powering Up.

    Spinrite reported a corrupt boot sector, but eventually claimed to have recovered "most" of the data. Still wouldn't boot until I ran MakeTivoBootable.

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