Audio Out/Surround TiVo vs Samsung DLP

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by nickels, Oct 4, 2018.

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    I have pretty much used my TV Optical Audio Out connected to my Sony receiver for my sound. I thought it sounded fine, until I connected my receiver directly to my TiVo. WOW what a difference! I now hear things behind me and all around, true surround sound, and the bass also sounds deeper and feels stronger. I am confused why my TV output is so much worse than the TiVo using the optical audio cord? My TiVo is a rather old Samsung DLP HLT-6187S from Samsung. My main issue now is when I turn off the TV the receiver continues to play the audio from the TiVo. It is a pain to turn off both the TV and receiver now, but the sound quality is so much better I don't care. Anyone know why this is the case with the sound quality difference between the TV output and the TiVo Roamio audio output?

    Edit: I think I answered my own question with some Google - my TV doesn't output 5.0 surround so the only fix is to go from the TiVo to the receiver. I have been missing out on true surround for many years now and feel like a dope.
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    Please don't feel bad. Many people prefer PCM or DD 2.0 Stereo. Just be happy you have found a new dimension to your viewing experience.

    If you notice, no more sound effects when there is video present. A wonderful side effect.
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    Do you remember what code you used to program the Tivo remote for the Sound system? You can use the same code and Hold Tivo + Power procedure, then when you turn off the TV, the sound system also turns off.
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