audio-only transfers from pyTivo and Tivo Desktop

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    I'm getting a very odd error where shows from a few channels are only getting their audio transferred - a multi-GB show ends up ~200MB audio file. It's only on a few channels, too - DisneyXD, AMCHD, and SyfyHD so far. Others channels seem to work fine.

    Occasionally a pyTivo transfer will totally crap out with an 'invalid ts pkt header: No error' and then 'packet decode fails' / 'Errno 32 - Broken pipe' message.

    Seems like it's possible the video from these channels isn't being interpreted correctly by either Tivo Desktop or pyTivo so it's just punting on the decode?

    Is there a more fault-tolerant version of ffmpeg or TivoDecode?
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    Aug 2, 2003
    Normally, I'd say that an audio-only transfer indicates a recording with H.264 video being transferred in program stream mode, and that you need to switch to transport stream. But your "invalid ts pkt header" message implies that you've already done that?

    As far as tivodecode, you could try tivolibre instead, or DirectShowDump.

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