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    Anybody else experience audio dropouts on the HD NFL games. I was watching my Chiefs game and I experienced 10 - 15 minute long audio dropouts. I wound up watching the SD channel of the Chiefs game because of the audio problems. Luckily it was a terrible game anyway. This only aggravated my initial problem with DirecTV scheduling guide, when my Chiefs game changed channels, which resulted in my recorder recording a blank channel.

    The DirecTV broadcast quality is definitely going down hill. I can't imagine how bad the broadcast will be after the new HD channels come online.
  2. bustergonad

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    Yup, same thing here watching chiefs/Bears. My HR-10-250 also decided to just stop recording about 1/2 way through the 4th quarter. Luckily I was close enough to live to hit record and not miss any action because the buffer caught the 15 mins it wasn't recording.

  3. MurrayW

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    Another Chiefs fan here. I was watching it OTA so didn't see these problems. Maybe the HR10-250 was just trying to spare you some pain and agony by not recording the entire game! :D I have a feeling that we are in for a few more years of games like these first two. :(

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