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    Just upgraded to to a 4k TV and immediately started having problems with the audio and video being out of sync. Had my Bolt for the past three years with no prior problems. Tried adjusting through the lip sync feature on the TV but it would never match completely. The only way to fix it was to set the audio on both the TIVO and the TV to PCM which I have been told is not the best setting.

    Wondering if anyone can suggest the proper settings for me as I am not all that knowledgeable on this stuff:

    TV: VZIO E70-F3
    Soundbar: Samsung HW MS-650
    Cable Provider: Xfinity

    Everything is connected via HDMI ARC.

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    Jan 1, 2002
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    With your HDMI ARC connections, you are feeding the HDMI connection from the TiVo to the TV and then an HDMI ARC connection out of the TV to the soundbar or does it go to the soundbar first and then to the TV (sorry have not done too much with ARC and the manual for your soundbar wasn't too clear)?

    Have you tried feeding the audio directly from the TiVo via digital audio cable to eliminate the new TV from the audio path?


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