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AT&T/DirecTV says I will need a new receiver by April 2019

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by Doomster, May 7, 2018.

  1. Doomster

    Doomster Member

    Nov 5, 2003
    I got two letters from ATT/DTV informing me that I will need to get new receivers to get local channels (FOX/NBC/CBS/etc.) after April 2019.

    I looked at the new equipment available in my DTV account, under "Order New Equipment". The Genie 2 looks like it has a lot of features I would like. However, I've read the comments on the Genie 2 and it looks like one that I should avoid.

    I like the Tivo GUI and it's really easy for me to use it and record it.

    How does anyone like the "Tivo HD DVR from DirecTV"?

    Also, does anyone know if I can buy a Tivo HD DVR instead of leasing one?
  2. stevel

    stevel Dumb Blond TCF Club

    Aug 23, 2000
    Nashua, NH
    I assume you have an older DirecTV TiVo model, such as the D10 or HR10, and your local channels are moving to MPEG4. If so, then the TiVo-UI THR22 will be just fine for you. It has the classic “Series 2” UI, but almost no features from more modern TiVos nor the Genie boxes. You can’t buy it and there is a $5/mo “TiVo fee” tacked on for the THR22.

    I have both the THR22 and the HR44 (Genie 1). The Genie is a different UI - and DirecTV is rolling out a new UI that I have not yet seen but gets unfavorable reviews.

    If you love the TiVo UI and don’t want to give it up, get the THR22. It will be like you never changed the box (other than it using your home network instead of a phone line.)
  3. Doomster

    Doomster Member

    Nov 5, 2003
    Stevel, so I cannot buy the THR22 at all from the aftermarket and then add it to my account? How much will it cost to lease the THR22 receivers from DirecTV?

    I have several Series 2 DirecTivos - either HD-DVR40s or SDDVR40s. All but one were bought by me on EBay. I refurbished them, replaced the power supplies when needed, and replaced the 40GB hard drives with bigger 320GB hard drives. I like these because I pay for them once, then pay the monthly $6 fee per receiver.

    Did DirecTV stop allowing aftermarket receivers to be added to your account?

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