Arizona PBS Channel 8.1 signal power varies a lot.

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    I have a TiVo Edge Antenna that I activated last November (2018). It's working great except for one issue. Channel 8.1 is pixelated and it goes up and down in quality about every minute for a few seconds. I used the signal strength indicator and it does show the signal power going up and down in conjunction with the poor picture quality. All of the other channels are OK except for 50 which is 62 miles away and my antenna is not pointed in that direction. My antenna points to South Mountain where the antenna farm is located for Phoenix and I am 10 miles away from it. The other channels show a strong and steady signal as well. I also recently installed an LTE TV filter which helped a bit. If I watch channel 8.1 on our TV with the TiVo bypassed it looks OK. I think the DTV frequency re-pack is complete for channel 8. Their 6 MHz band is from 180 MHz to 186 MHz. I also looked on this forum and didn't see anything about varying signal strength.

    I'm stumped. Any ideas anyone?
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