Are Kickstart commands supported on SD-DVR40 Series 2 DirecTivos?

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    Nov 5, 2003


    I'm talking about the Kickstart commands described here:

    How to Run TiVo Built-in Diagnostics - Brainchamber Blog

    I have a Hughes SD-DVR40 Series 2 receiver, running v6.2

    I tried executing Kickstart 54 by doing the following

    Tivo Central:
    Read New Messages & Settings -> Restart or Reset System -> Restart the Recorder.

    When the recorder reboots, I hold down the Pause button and when the Pwr light goes from green to amber, I release the Pause button and hit the 5 button and then the 4 button.

    The system reboots but then does not show a menu for running SMART tests. Instead, it just goes thru the normal rebooting steps, starts accepting the satellite signals and the system comes back up.

    Does SD-DVR40 support the Kickstart commands?

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