Archived TiVo recordings - renaming? Editing info?

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    A friend of mine wanted to archive some old VCR recordings. Since he has a TiVo, I added the VCR to the video chain and set up Galleon on his PC. He can now manually dub VCR content to his TiVo (manual recording, channel 3), then archive the recordings using Galleon.

    Of course, those recordings get named and tagged with whatever guide info was current for channel 3 at the time. If he renames the archived recordings, will Galleon and his TiVo pick up on the changes -- and is this a legit way of doing so? And can he also edit other info, like the date, description and so on? (If so, how?)

    Thanks for your help.
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    I'm not a Galleon expert, but I'm pretty sure that you will have to use tivodecode or DirectShow Dump to strip the .TiVo file back to straight MPEG-2.

    The .TiVo format contains 2 chunks of XML metadata that list everything from the name of the show to the screenwriter, and (at least when using Desktop) it reads that info and the name of the file is meaningless.

    If you use pyTivo instead of Galleon you can create your own metadata files to add other info.
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    If you use Galleon, you can use the XML files that come out of tivodecode, and/or provide your own info with the same tags.
    (as of 2.5.4)

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