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    Finally, after all these years, I discovered at

    I don't know how many times I searched for an off-the-menu application that would work with TiVo and failed. So I'm happy to have come across this. I guess I have two questions:

    1. Are there any more unofficial third-party apps that work with TiVo?
    2. I've got my own web servers. Where can I find some instructions on setting up a service that will work with TiVo? It seems that pointing it to a basic web server on port 80 just isn't enough. It needs more.

    Thanks all.
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    Glad you found it!
    EnterWebz is using TiVo's largely abandoned HME protocol.

    In these forums your main resource is the Developer's Corner.
    I tried to gather much of the information I learned there over the years in a wiki which can answer much for your two questions:

    1. List Of Known TiVo HME Applications - TiVo HME Developers Wiki used to exist as a third-party apps server, it doesn't anymore, nor do any of the commercial attempts like Wmcbrine ran his one game on a server for a long time, but his IP address had to be changed, I think.

    2. Contents - TiVo HME Developers Wiki
    Basically, HME is a whole custom (and buggy) thing and TiVo got tired of maintaining it and tried to switch to using HTML5 when the TiVos were "powerful enough" to run a web browser (starting with the Premiere), but then didn't bother putting much effort into that, either.
    HME's ability to play audio and video has been SEVERELY crippled by TiVo updates, but as you see on EnterWebz basic game interactions still work and MPEG2 videos still work. Some older models can still do audio, too (but could never do video). Downloading and running a local network app may or may not still be recognized by your TiVo.
    Newest models don't even have the "Add an App --> IP Address" option at all.

    You can run TV-designed HTML5 apps on most TiVos, mostly via the Vewd app (formerly the Opera TV Store). You can also use a couple of community-built tools to launch an HTML5 app directly on your TiVo without going through Vewd. I've been toying with what's possible with HTML5 off and on, but haven't gotten as heavy into it as I did with HME, and my attempt to get an app listed with Opera TV was not worth the rejections.
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    WTF does this site do... I had a hard time reading it will all the misspelled words... is this the so called "leet speak?"
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    I assume you're talking about's EXACTLY ONE joke sentence under the title plus its name and its word for favorites ("thumztak") which are using old meme style text (think "I Can Haz Cheezburgr?").
    The rest of the site explains how it works perfectly clearly.
    That said, I put the website part together as a quick afterthought and it doesn't explain why you might want it.
    You specifically are likely to be disappointed in it, MScottC, (like many who have been disappointed with it in the past) so don't bother to try and use my old hobby project that I keep running for this community free, out of my own pocket.
    At one time my son began redesigning the website at one time but then lost the files in a crash, so that rework is only half there which doesn't help with website clarity.

    Enter Webz initially was just a technology showcase of adapting websites to display on TiVos that didn't have web browsers. That feature is heavily dependent on the at-the-time-popular simple mobile sites - those are mostly gone now.
    It is otherwise useful as a clearinghouse for other old-style TiVo apps & games which nobody wants or needs now that everybody has a smart phone or tablet. In addition, most of the good features (including launching YouTube videos picture-in-picture from a website) have been hobbled or completely broken by TiVo updates that didn't bother to test their own older technology (which they originally released around 2005).

    So, practically speaking, it's good for 4 things:
    • showing off to your friends that you have something extra on your TiVo.
    • playing simple games on your TiVo because you don't want to get up and grab a better device (I think this what brings my ~50 regular users back).
    • playing free public domain movies from in my Archive On Demand app (mostly B&W movies and TV shows).
    • playing music if you have a model where TiVo didn't break the mp3 features, especially with my "TiVo-esque" Radio Auricle app (I really don't know if it works for any models anymore... maybe Series 2?).
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    HME was TiVo's first attempt at apps. Since the old TiVos didn't have much processing power they came up with this hosted app system where the app itself ran on a server and simply fed the UI to the TiVo. Kinda like remote desktop. When the Premiere units were released they abandoned this in favor of Flash based apps that ran directly on the TiVo itself. Later they switched from Flash to HTML5 based apps, but they're still running on the TiVo itself. I'm not sure why they've left the legacy support for HME in the product all these years. Seems like they would have removed it by now. I don't think it's there in the new UI, so maybe that's their way of ending support.

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