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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by Barnstormer, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Does Tivo push through updates to the app on a Roamio such as Netflix Prime Video, Hulu, etc? Or are we stuck where these app were when we bought the Tivo? I notice that sometimes I have to wait for my Tivo to 'load' an app after I restart it. I am hoping it is downloading any new version of the app.

    Do they have a mechanism for patching security updates that might compromise my home wifi network?
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    The apps would be updated by the vendors but I would not say they are updated very frequently.

    What security updates are you concerned about on your TiVo? If there were something that TiVo would patch, then it would be with a software update during a service connection.

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    Apps do get updated occasionally. Sometimes as part of a TiVo software update but they can also be updated independently.

    TiVo generally doesn't tell you when they update apps, but sometimes it's obvious that they've changed.
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    Amazon has two apps on TE3. Amazon has one app on TE4. My TV, Blu-ray and Roku all have one app.
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    In general, the apps are downloaded directly from the providers. For example, Netflix controls what app version gets downloaded depending on the device (Roamio/Bolt/Mini) and the version of the UI in use (Enoore/TE3 vs. Hydra/TE4). Sometimes a new version of the app is available before its target OS, and so they appear together. But that doesn't always mean that the app was part of the download. AFAIK, all the apps can be updated, added or deleted independently of an OS update.
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    Pandora on TiVo is nothing like Pandora on Roku.

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