APG Serial Connection Blacks Out Receiver Menus and Guides

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by BradCNY, Jan 3, 2006.

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    I actually have two issues, but since they seem to be related to each other, I will post them both together. I have a stand alone Tivo connected to an RCA DirecTv receiver via APG. (IR doesn't work for me at all with this receiver.) My first problem is that I still have to use my DirecTv remote to order PPVs. This fact is not a problem in and of itself, except that the only way I can ever see what is on PPV is by unplugging the serial cable from the back of the DTV receiver and resetting it. For some reason, the APG cable erases all the data from the receiver. I do not see the menu at all and when I press guide, I see the general template, but no data at all until I take the steps mentioned above. You can see what a pain this would be having to do this every time I wanted to see what was on PPV. This brings me to my second problem. I have to use my receivers guide to see what is on PPV because for some strange reason, no matter how many times I download program info on Tivo, it never lists any actual PPV movies, just 24 hours worth of general data. Something like "PPV Movies." That's all I get. So, these are the steps I take when I want to order a PPV movie that I want to record on my stand alone Tivo: 1.) I unplug the APG cable from the low speed data port of my DTV receiver. 2.) I press the red reset button and wait for the system to reset. 3.) I see what is on PPV and I order it. 4.) I plug the APG cable back into my receiver. 5.) I set up my Tivo to manually record the PPV event I have selected. 6.) I resolve to only order PPVs once every 6 months. Any comments or suggestions?
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    I know there must be a simple solution to your problem I just don't know what it is at the moment. But here is one work around. Said you want to record ppv from 8pm to 10pm.
    Set you tivo to manuallly record TNT or any channel from 7:55pm to 10pm. The tivo will switch to tnt at 7:55. While on tnt switch with RCA directtv receiver at 7:59pm to the PPV channel. The tivo will think that you are recording tnt but you will actually be recording your PPV.

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