Anyone tried Hulu live and compare to tivo

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  1. CajunRuss

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    I have Comcast basic TV with HBO, also have Philo and Disney +. I am considering Hulu live HBO and Disney + to replace Comcast and Tivo. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. jlb

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    FYI, sports may not be your thing, but there is a bundle deal on Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ or whatever that's called.....
  3. Adam C.

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    The OP is looking for Hulu Live. That bundle only includes the ad-supported, on demand version of Hulu.
  4. NashGuy

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    May 2, 2015
    You may already know all this, but here are a few things to consider:

    Hulu with Live TV is increasing its price this Wed., 12/18 from $45 to $55 per month. It comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage but you can't FF through the ads unless you pay an extra $10/mo to upgrade to the enhanced cloud DVR, which also expands your storage to 200 hours. Also note that recent shows you may have recorded from ABC, NBC, Fox, and sometimes other channels are available as part of Hulu's core on-demand tier. If so, I think you'll get the on-demand version of the show rather than your cloud DVR recording. Hulu's on-demand content (except for theatrical movies and most children's content) will contain ads unless you pay an additional $6 to upgrade to the ad-free on-demand option. As this point, you're up to $71/mo for Hulu with Live TV. But that gives you simultaneous service to two screens/TVs and there are no additional bogus fees that Comcast may be charging you, like an HD fee or broadcast TV fee or RSN fee.

    One drawback to note about Hulu's channel line-up is that it doesn't include the AMC networks (AMC, BBC America, IFC, WeTV) or the Hallmark networks in case those are important to you (although those channels are all included in the $20/month Philo service if you decide to keep that). Hulu doesn't include PBS either, although the free PBS app has most of their recent content available for on-demand streaming.

    You may also want to consider what your price for standalone internet will be. Comcast typically offers a discount for bundling internet plus TV service.

    It's certainly possible that you will end up paying more for Hulu with Live TV and standalone internet than you pay now for Comcast TV + internet, especially if your TiVo equipment has lifetime service and you aren't paying any ongoing fees for cable TV DVR. That said, you may still prefer to go with Hulu vs. Comcast cable TV because Hulu will have better HD picture quality, a better on-demand library, and can you use it on whatever streaming device you prefer. Some folks don't like the Hulu UI, though. Be aware that, among the app-based streaming cable TV services, its UI is the most different from a traditional cable box or DVR like TiVo.
  5. realityboy

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    The bundle works with any version of Hulu. You just pay the difference. (I have ad free Hulu, but Hulu live works the same)

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