Anyone tried cutting out cable entirely?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Papageno, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Streaming video quality would be a function of your broadband service. I see a lot of people quoting prices on satelite and cable but I don't see those deals available on their web sites. Is $36 a month a first year rate or is that indefinite? In any case it's $422 a year at that rate plus $72 more for the DVR. Are you including their taxes and everything? I had Dish and after it went out for a solid month during the playoffs and other things they did made me swear them off forever.

    My TW cable bill was close to $100 a month with DVR and that's without any movie packages. It would be $120+ a month now these several years later (they raise the price every year) and I didn't really consider it a loaded package. They have bundles now but at "introductory" rates and I don't want to use their digital phone service.

    I would never go with a monthly on the Tivo. Bite the bullet and get lifetime. Multi-unit discount puts lifetime at $299 so my latest purchase of two Premieres and lifetime is paid for in 8 months over the cost savings of cable.

    My antenna in the attic is not large probably about 2x3. It's a DB4. It all depends on where you are relative to the broadcast towers though.

    With streaming available, the only thing I miss is Monday night football and a few other sporting events. The channels we thought we had to have - ok that I had to have, don't miss 'em at all really. In fact I'm glad i don't have to see a lot of that crap especially CNN and Fox and MSNBC and all their self-created strum and drang.
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    My Bad..I think its 13.2..
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    I Love OTA! I am fortunate that I can a great signal over the air (most of the time). All my TVs are set up with their very own Tivos and a hidden antennas.

    I like to think of myself an original cord cutter during the digital transition. It is one of the positive benefits that came out of "The Great Recession".

    Now that it is a few years later and can go back to paying for television, I can honestly say I see no reason to do so. I am never without something to watch via OTA or Netfilix when I want to watch television.

    There are some great broadcast shows on the networks (the NCISs) cable shows go into syndication on broadcast affiliates (Burn Notice) and almost all series on cable and subscription premium channels are available on DVD. There are now classic TV OTA channels such as Antenna TV by Tribune that launches on New Years Day with a Three Stooges Marathon.

    Ho Ho Ho!

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