Anyone in Evansville, IN OTA *not* Tuning 47-1?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ytsemike, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Before "the switch" last Friday, I had no problem receiving My44 on 44-2.

    So, of course, when the Fox programming kicked in on Friday, everything is good there...I now see the Fox44 programming on 44-2.

    But that 16:9 SD, right? So there's supposed to be a full-HD 16:9 on 47-1. I keep reading about it all over the place.

    Problem is, my TiVo HD unit pretends that 47-1 doesn't exist. When I key that in directly, it defaults to Ant. 5 (a channel I've never been able to pull OTA, don't even know what it is). It doesn't even let me "see" a blank no-signal screen on 47-1 like it does some other far-flung channels I can't tune OTA.

    I've run the channel scan twice now, and 47-1 just doesn't exist as far as my TiVo is concerned. I have a 2nd TiVo HD unit with a weaker I wasn't exactly expecting it to really tune in 47-1 properly...but it also pretends as if that doesn't exist, even after multiple channel scans as well.

    Any ideas? Why would I not be able to just key in the channel # and see it?

    I'm tempted to unhook the antenna from the TiVo and go straight to the TV just to see if my TiVo is glitchy...but *two* TiVo HD units? Plus, its a real PitA to get behind the TV and audio rack just to swap a cable for funsies.
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    The WV...
    I rely on "silicon dust" for all of my OTA and QAM data. Silicon Dust displays the station you're inquiry is regarding:

    The information that "silicon dust" displays are results from registered users of the HD Homerun equipment in the areas that they are located in.

    The station's homepage mentions that they've been transmitting for maybe 10 or so days and it's "LOW POWER"! I assume it's intended for local only! LOW POWER might be the problem!

    I'd try a direct connection to the TV first! Then I'd guess a phone call to the station engineer would be in order. Do you actually know were the tower is located? Maybe I'd try the phone call first! You'd be surprised maybe at the information a station engineer could maybe pass on to you!

    I'd likely have called before I posted here! You might likely have been watching it by now1!

    Good Luck!!

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