Anyone getting any freebies lately?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by verchad, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. verchad

    verchad DTV 9.5 yr Dtvo 4.5

    Sep 29, 2006


    Anyone getting any freebies lately when they call to "cancel" and go with another provider? I like our Directivo unit, would like to upgrade to HD with dvr. Good account standing, been with them since mid 1998, haven't had any deals in awhile now.
  2. ClemSole

    ClemSole New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    No I don't lie or steal items from a company that I am a customer of, or any one else. It just results in the monthly rates going up.
  3. hoopsbwc34

    hoopsbwc34 Unpaid Tivo Salesman

    Jan 28, 2003
    Yeah, cause that's the same thing as what the op is asking :rolleyes:
  4. lambertman

    lambertman With an "L"

    Dec 20, 2002
    It isn't?
  5. Fofer

    Fofer Bo55man69

    Oct 29, 2000


    Why is "cancel" in quotes?
  6. tivohaydon

    tivohaydon New Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand how accepting DirecTV's offer is stealing from them?
  7. Gunnyman

    Gunnyman Just a boring dude

    Jul 10, 2003
    calling up and threatening to cancel service in order to get DTV to offer you something is kinda hinky.
  8. Fofer

    Fofer Bo55man69

    Oct 29, 2000
    The only way I'd threaten to "cancel" would be if I was actually unhappy and prepared to follow through on the threat. What if the CSR offers you nothing? Then you sound like an idiot and your integrity is shot.
  9. leftstrat

    leftstrat New Member

    Apr 18, 2005
    I never have found a reason to call and cancel, or try to extort "freebies". That just makes the CSR's have a little less enthusiasm to handle legitimate problems.
  10. Billy Bob Boy

    Billy Bob Boy What Me Worry???????

    Jul 25, 2004
    Just call and ask. Dont threaten just say i am a good customer you got something for me. The csr will look at your account and say how about showtime for three months.(or something) better than lying. just ask. Instead of threatning to leave ask what they got to make you stay.
  11. Sheila4645

    Sheila4645 Crazy Cat Lady

    Aug 12, 2007
    You just need to call and and find out what equipment upgrade offers you are eligable for. The CSR will give you the best offer they have available to give. If the offer is not to your liking ask if there is someone else you can talk to that can offer you a better deal.
  12. MikeMar

    MikeMar Go Pats

    Jan 7, 2005
    hey if they are offering, i'm taking :D
  13. verchad

    verchad DTV 9.5 yr Dtvo 4.5

    Sep 29, 2006
    I'll clarify cancel. In the past when I have received offers from comcast or Dish, I have called Directv and mentioned that I was considering cancelling and going with another service. In turn they usually responded with an offer of some kind to stay with Directv. In the past I have gotten monthly credits off my bill for different amounts of time, all for being a good customer and just making a phone call for comparison shopping. Just curious if it was worth it to try again as the monthly credits I have stopped a few months ago.

    Sorry if it seems to some like I'm really trying to screw over Directv and big business. This is the same directv that many times has offers for new customers that are not available for current customers, now that doesn't seem to nice on their part either, does it. The only reason I have the Directivo I have now is because at the time I got it, I read about the promotion being offered for existing customers to purchase it for $99 at the time, not in my bill from DTV, not from an email from them, but on a shopping deals website. Boy Directv really took care of me huh.

    I don't lie about it, I usually take whatever info I got in the mail or saw on the latest commercial from Comcast and Dish to use as a starting point. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing but if it's a better deal to go with something else, I'll at least give Directv the chance to keep my business.

    Have a nice day.
  14. snickerrrrs

    snickerrrrs Tech-no Guide

    Mar 30, 2006
    If Dish or Comcast or whoever offers me a lower price or more channels for less money are they STEALING me from Directv? No they're just doing business. If I shop other providers for lower prices or better service I'm stealing? If I use coupons to get a lower price while shopping and you don't, am I stealing? I'm just trying to save my family some money. Have you ever heard of companies offering to price match its competitors? Are they stealing? Have you ever seen a company offer a free phone or dvr to "new customers only" ? Why don't they offer this deal to me? I've been paying them for years! Why? Because I'm already a customer, they don't have to offer me anything to get me to sign up. The right thing to do would make this offer available to everyone, but they don't. When you call Directv and ask them about freebies, do they just give them to you or do they make you sign a contract for 1 or 2 more years? They extend your contract.

    So this whole "STEALING" from Directv argument doesn't really hold water does it?
  15. verchad

    verchad DTV 9.5 yr Dtvo 4.5

    Sep 29, 2006
    MODERATORS if this is inappropriate, please remove this post.

    For those who don't consider it stealing, these might be some talking points to ponder if you are considering a switch. Info from a forum,
    Not completely confirmed, will be able to confirm for sure on the 15th.

    "DISH HDTV - New 55 Hr HDDVR $100(or free) PLUS EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE Capability
    Starting August 15 Dish Network has 2 great new offers for HD and DVR's. (I'm just a customer).
    1) The new VIP722 receiver replaces the current VIP622 with twice the recording time- 55 hours of HD or 300 something sd. The cost is only $100 which I think is refunded when you send an old receiver in (doesn't have to a an hd but has to be currently active on your account). . This includes all the external antennas and wiring. Anyone who got a promotion within the past year is not eligible, but once your 12 months is up you're eligible for a new promo package. I got my 622 last May so I'm switching it to another TV and getting the 722 free. But anyone can get the free 722 and free HD upgrade. Several new HD channels including TLC and History are coming on August 15 also. HD costs just an extra $20/mo. on Dish for 30-40 HD channels.
    2) A new upgrade download is available for a one-time $39 fee which will allow any of your dvr's with a usb port- like the 622 and 722 to attach an external hard drive as large as you want to store programs. A 320 hard drive should get about an additional 55 hours of HD- total of 110 hours on the 722 or 85 on the 622 or hundreds and hundreds of hours of sd. 500 gigabite external hard drives are coming up for about $100 in slickdeals a lot lately."
  16. scalo

    scalo New Member

    Dec 28, 2004
    The issue with what the OP stated in his original post is "cancel", a threat to cancel with NO intention of leaving. refer to My Previous Post . I have never called with the threat of leaving, because there is no where better to go. Have you tried to price out 4 DVR's with total choice+ and HBO and SHO, with Comcast it is almost $145 a month and I pay $74 and with Dish they will not let you have 4DVR's in your house the max is 2. Comcast charges you $19 a month for a dvr and you don't own it and D* is $5.99 for all of them and I own them all. So instead of a false threat of canceling D* just call them and ask what they can do for a good customer and you may be suprised.
  17. cmshep222

    cmshep222 Member

    Feb 18, 2005
    I got an offer from Comcast for digital cable for $29.99/month for 12 Free HBO for 6 months.

    I called DTV and explained that I was not unhappy but that this was a great offer from Comcast.

    DirecTV gave me this...
    $10 monthly credit for 12 months
    Free DVR (Tivo) Service for 12 months (essentially $5.99 off)
    Free HBO for 6 months.

    I'm very happy!!!
  18. verchad

    verchad DTV 9.5 yr Dtvo 4.5

    Sep 29, 2006
    Thanks for the info.
  19. Billy Bob Boy

    Billy Bob Boy What Me Worry???????

    Jul 25, 2004
    Just called D* And out of the blue they offered me 3 hookers from belize. 10 cases of my favorite booze, 3 lbs of weed, and a lifetime of guilt free sex with the celebrity of my choice. I picked Pam Anderson :) . Than I got a call from dishnetwork they will give me a ferrari testerosa, a mansion in beverly hills, and partership in the playboy mansion(I get to take over when Heff retires). :up:

    Than Comcast calls me and offers me 10 off the first six months. :eek: ;) Thats the offer i took I could really use the savings :eek:

    Doncha just love the way my avatar seems to be stoned and smirking :D :D
  20. itzme

    itzme New Member

    Dec 6, 2004
    has anyone gotten free HD access/package lately?

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