Anybody use Philo?

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    Jan 31, 2002
    Without a DVR option I could not use the service. I don't like the 30 day limit on Philo for DVR recordings. But at least its unlimited so that kind of makes up for it. But I would not be able to use the services that have a low limit, like 50 hours

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    Dec 1, 2017
    I use Philo as a TVEverywhere source on Channels DVR. Works great.
  3. hahathatsfunny

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Philo has added Epix and Starz! as add-ons, in what seems to be a soft launch.

    I currently re-subscribed to Philo end of last month, and as a customer, didn't get any email notice (as an upsell) of the introduction of the premium add-ons.

    Currently, the two premium services are being sold at discounted prices. The channel count is lower though than that of Sling or competitors. 3 out of 4 Epix channels, and only 3 Starz!/Encore channels.

    Questions I have in my mind
    -Will it add the range of Starz channels one sees on Sling or Hulu once the discounted pricing ends
    -Will it add the fourth Epix channel (Epix Drive-In) once the discounted pricing ends
    - Is Showtime is being considered. While its likely Showtime is treated independently, I wonder if ViacomCBS is trying to get Pop and/or CBS on to Philo.
    -I suppose same goes for Smithsonian Channel that is a semi-premium cable network, half owned by Viacom.

    If it is limited on channel capacity, I think Philo should have just added Epix but gone with adding all four channels from Epix. Mainly because Starz is more aggressive with its own direct streaming sale, and also Hulu has Starz. Many Philo subscribers might already have a Hulu subscription (without Live TV).

    I also think Smithsonian Channel and a few other traditional cable networks like HD Net Movies, Outdoor Channel and INSP would make sense in an Extra package. Better use of bandwidth or resources than resource dedication to Starz which can be added or found easily elsewhere.
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  4. hahathatsfunny

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Found a thread from another forum:

    Philo regarding the few linear channels from Epix and Starz:
    The additional channels are generally simply repackaging the On Demand library content into genre-based linear feeds. You get access to the complete On Demand library through Philo, so there actually isn't a content difference between Philo and other services that offer these channels. We are looking at other (hopefully more innovative) ways we can surface and discover content in the deeper library.

    I'm not sure if that comment was directly from Philo, but sounds like it. I don't have Facebook account to post, but Philo has a Facebook page that is viewable without signing in. Checking it just now and no mention of the addition of Starz and Epix. But, a Philo rep typically comments when someone asks a question, which is typically a channel request and Philo replies with a canned response.

    I got an email directly just yesterday from Starz, with an offer of six months of Starz service for $25 through its app. I think if Philo is going to value On Demand over linear, it's proposition is basically the customer paying a little premium for one fewer app to use. Not sure if it makes sense.
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  5. DouglasPHill

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    Philo is the service I chose for streaming. Looked at many others, and tried a couple. One wouldn't let me pause nor skip. A couple were real expensive. I'll add Sling orange for sports in the fall.
  6. hahathatsfunny

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Philo just added INSP and getTV. I got an email today just as a receipt and noticed they counted 60 channels and wondering what the 2 new channels are, from 58.

    INSP runs a lot of classic westerns, and getTV has classic sitcoms. These were two channels I saw on other carriers and thought would be good additions and they added them! At some point, I even requested these channels to them.

    I'm curious now if a new agreement with ViacomCBS will happen with CBS affiliates, Pop and Smithsonian Channel, Showtime as a premium. However, that kind of deal CBS and Smithsonian especially, would likely result in a price increase from the $20/month price point, unless it could be tiered in some way.

    I also think HDNet Movies and Sony Movie Channel might be considered for a higher tier. It already has AXS TV which is a sister channel to HD Net Movies, and GSN/getTV are sister to SONY Movie Channel. The Outdoor Channel is another channel likely in consideration, as it's on higher tiers or extra packs on Sling and fubo TV.
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