Any way to SP or Wishlist a particular season?

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    Title pretty much says it all...

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it.

    If you're interested in the whole story, we watched S1&2 of Dexter on Netflix, fell in love, bought S3&4 on DVD. Called Cox today and they gave me essentially free Showtime for two years, so now I want to set a season pass for just the S5 episodes.

    Now, in my particular case, it may be moot, because it looks like Sho is re-airing S5 in order starting this weekend. But I'd still like to know.
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    If that info is somehow indicated in the shows description, I think it may be possible. Like if the shows episode numbers are listed, etc. Sometimes though, even if the info was there originally, it somehow gets dropped off.

    Just guessing though.
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    If the episodes have names, you could set a wishlist for the name of the first episode. And when that one shows up, manually record (or set an SP for) the rest. It works best if you check your wishlists frequently.

    I did this recently for Being Human (US). I didn't want to get into it when it first aired because I was watching the original British series at the same time. So I set a wish list for the name of ep 1, and it looks like Syfy is getting ready to repeat the whole season starting next week.
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    there is no way to specify a particular season in season passes, just "first run" or "repeats"

    In wishlists there is a painful way of adding in all the episode titles to a wishlist "title option" unless you get lucky and see a pattern or maybe a star changes and you cna wishlist on show and new star.

    You can also go into TiVo search, search the show, list the episodes by season and then create a wishlist for each episode you want. Perhaps somewhat less painful then entering all the episode titles into one wishlist.
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    I did this for a show once, but I can't remember what it was. What I did was set up a ARWL for the title of the show and then and then individually added the key word of each of the individual episode titles as optional.
    For Dexter's 5th season, it would look like this.
    dexter * (bad) * (bandit) * (perfect) * (beast) etc.

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