Any possibility of Tivo in OTT game?

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    HI all. I've been using Tivo forever and would like to continue but would also like to dump my traditional cable package. I've had a cursory looked at OTT services like YoutubeTV, ATT now, sling, fubo, hulu etc and they all have compelling features but not quite Tivo in terms of usability. Storage retention has time limits on all and commercial skip is hard to come by. Anything in Tivo's near term pipeline OR is there a better non-Tivo alternatives that I might be missing that will bring Tivo-like user experience? Talk of CABLECARDS being on the endangered species list is telling me that it's time
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    See: Zatz Reports that FCC Drops CableCARD Requirements for Cable TV Providers
    CableCard coming to an end FCC 20-124

    Lots of information in those threads.

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