Any New Reasons for TiVo Mini not to steam?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by MannyE, Dec 4, 2020.

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    I have a Tivo mini on an Ethernet network in the bedroom that after a year or so has decided to stop playing recordings from the main Roamio AND it says that the main DVR is restarting so I am unable to watch live TV.

    The main Roamio is an OTA unit. It is not restarting. I have already tried rebooting the mini, forcing a connection with TiVo at the mini and at the Roamio. And I’ve rebooted the Roamio. No joy.

    To be clear. The menu works. The one pass manager works, the Roamio shows up as the main box, and I can see “my shows” but when I click on a show to watch it, I can see the progress bar, but no video or audio.

    I’m stumped.
  2. V7Goose

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    I recently saw something very similar to this on my A93 Mini. Although I never got any message about the host or target DVR restarting, I could not get any recorded program anywhere to play (just saw the blank screen and progress bar on the bottom). I rebooted the mini and host without help. Then I decided to see if the Mini could get to Amazon, just to prove that all was fine with the network.

    The Amazon Prime app worked, but the Mini was never set up to sign-in, so I didn't try to watch anything - just saw the Amazon menu screens and tiles. Then when I backed out of the app and went back to local viewing with my home DVRs, the Mini was working fine again!
  3. XIBM

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    Mar 9, 2013
    My 92 mini was showing a blank file from my bolt+, switched to live tv and back to the file and it played? Version 21.10.2.V6, mini is on moca.

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