Any ideas on next diagnosis steps?

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    My TiVo Series 3 (TCD652160), manufactured in 2011, initially had a flashing green LED with no video output. I sent it to Weaknees and after replacing several chips on the motherboard, they declared this was one of the rare few that had deeper issues and couldn't be fixed.

    I asked them to ship it back and was surprised to see no blinking green LED and video output again after plugging it in with the "Please wait..." screen. Significant progress in my view! It stays stuck at this point - I let it run for several hours and the TiVo didn't complete the boot sequence. The hard drive and power supply are good as I tested them in another good Series 3. Screenshot attached.

    I did replace the button battery on the motherboard before shipping it to them, thinking that the battery had to be close to death after nine years. Could that have reset the BIOS settings causing startup issues exhibited by the "Please wait" screen?

    Any ideas for what I can try next? I feel it's close to resurrection again.

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    I'd contact Weaknees and ask them about it. Maybe the unfixable part is that they can get video but it never boots.

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