any help for a one minute time error

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    I have an older Premiere XL (2 Tuner 150 HR)

    it resets the clock with every Tivo network service update.

    I honestly think it's a couple of networks (USA / Ion) in particular that purposely time shift their programming.

    I used to be able to have multiple season passes for the same show. I could simply say NCIS LA on channel 702 keep until i delete AND NCIS LA on channel 738 (add one minute)

    On a season pass it is simple to add a minute (or an hour during football season on other networks)

    now to catch repeats to "watch" while doing chores (LOL I sit down too often)

    I generally will look for shows on the "guide" on a later date. I select season pass and other options and simple add 1 minute. The problem with this is I have not found a way to return from that menu to the guide where i was days ahead. I must start at the current channel on that day and time.

    example... today is Friday at 6:00PM when i select guide I start at 6:00PM on channel 792. I page forward to Sunday channel 703 at 9:00AM. I do as I said above add the minute, when I exit I'm back to Friday 6:00PM on channel 792. if i want to skip what's on at 10:00 but record the 11:00AM episode I have to again page to Sunday and again select channel 703 move to 11:00AM and repeat this every time. It's tedious nonsense.
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    have you tried using the left arrow to go back to the guide? it works for me, just tested it.
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