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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by k2gallagher, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Jun 26, 2011


    I have a Tivo Series 2, an antenna, and a Vizio VO320E LCD HDTV. The TV has a built-in D/A converter, so I can view my OTA channels no problem when it's hooked directly antenna-to-TV.

    Antenna-to-Tivo-to-TV does not work, because the Series 2 does not have a D/A converter built in.

    Antenna-to-TV-to-Tivo would work, but the TV does not appear to have a video output.

    I'd like to figure out a solution that does not require purchasing a separate D/A converter box and/or a new Tivo.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Series 2 (except for dual tuner models which are for cable only), requires the digital converter box to receive antenna, and the tivo controls it to change channels. Your HDTV does not have a digital to analog converter, to be specific, it has a ATSC tuner which receives the digital TV, so it does not need any converting to show video. Older TVs and the Series 2 has a NTSC tuner which was for analog channels.

    S2 records only in analog and that requires the converter box, but only selected converter boxes will work properly, listed on the site.

    Although, getting a converter box will work, the picture quality is not. Analog was not meant for HiDef quality. Picture will appear to be grainy. Cost of a converter box is less then the cost for a new tivo, but a new Series 3/HD/ premiere will have HiDef quality and record 2 channels at once on antenna and/or cable.
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    K2Gallager, you are misisng it.

    The Series 2 does not record the RF and play it back (no consumer TV/Videorecorder does), for the TV to tune to a viewable picture, which is what you are hoping.

    The TiVo (and any other TV/video recorder) tunes the analog RF channel to analog A/V, which it encodes and writes to the HDD, and reads from the HDD to play back to A/V, which it can modulate to RF.

    For the TiVo to record digital, you need to use a digital tuner for your source, in your case a DTA box for antenna. I strongly recommend not using the digital tuner in the TV
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    You'll have to get an OTA converter box. Even if your TV had video output, you probably wouldn't be able to change the channels with the IR cable from the Tivo.

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