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Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by TRK, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Mar 16, 2020
    I've been with TiVo through thick and thin since 2001, and now I'm struggling to activate a replacement TiVo Mini Vox that i paid $39 for, to replace an older New-Old-Stock Mini that I had on a shelf, but never needed until I added a TV to a new room.

    My setup is as follows:
    Tivo Roamio Plus Running Hydra
    4 Gen 1 TiVo Minis on fixed IPs running Hydra, lifetime subscription
    1 Gen 1 TiVo Mini, new in box, lifetime subscription
    Cisco router firewall (5505 ASA)
    Comcast ISP, DHCP address

    Unfortunately, the 5th Mini was one of the units that suffered an endless startup reboot loop, but was a model too old to be fixed using the "Press TiVo button during startup" fix suggested on earlier posts. So after getting the $39 upgrade from tech support, I was sent a new Vox with remote, which I thought was a fairly decent deal. The new Vox kept failing on the Activation Screen, even though the the ID was listed as active in my account. After an hour of turning things on and off and running through the first level TiVo support scripts with a CSR, they gave up ans sent me another one.

    Fast forward weeks later: I now have a small collection of three Mini Vox's they've sent me, all of which startup fine, download new software, contact TiVo, and then get stuck on the Activation screen loop (toggling between contacting TiVo and telling me to Activate). The CSR recommended I attach the Mini outside of the firewall, which i I read has worked for some folks getting activation errors, so I was hopeful this would work for me as well. Unfortunately, it fared no better.

    I'm now being told by the CSR that I need to have both the DVR and the Vox connected simultaneously, and I went 10 rounds with the CSR telling them that my ISP gives me a single IP address, so it's either the router, or the Vox, but it can never be both, because the ISP will drop one as soon as it sees the second. To that end, does anyone know exactly which holes need to be poked in the firewall for this to work? (I'm actually not convinced that the firewall is the problem - I put the Vox on a fixed IP, and basically added a rule that opened the firewall for any port number to the Vox- so now both the Vox and the Roamio are both connected,- and it still couldn't activate).

    It's all terribly frustrating, and my hope is for a software update that fixes the issue. My sense is that this will end with a simple refund and an apology that it wont work, because my setup is "abnormal". That outcome leaves me with one less TV,one less Mini, and some homework to do on substitute products, before I give in to Comcast and pay for their DVR, and ditch TiVo after nearly 2 decades. C'mon TiVo - don't let me down!​
  2. TRK

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    Mar 16, 2020
    Update: Shortly afterwards, all my TiVo Minis stopped being able to connect to the Roamio, even though the Roamio was working fine, and each Mini could independently connect to the remote TiVo servers. After several hours of troubleshooting, re-connecting, downloading, and support calls, we finally found the solution:

    Remove all the TiVos from service and throw them away.

    I've been a TiVo customer for 18 straight years, since the early days of the Philips boxes, always knowing that they were always going to be at risk of going under. IMHO They have a decent product, but ultimately these days, it's one I can live without.
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