Another question on pixellation and dropouts

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    Looks like it might be the end of one of our HR10's. We have started to get pixellation and dropouts that show up while watching live or recorded shows and also on off air and dish viewing. They seem to last about 15 minutes and then it's fine. The strange thing is it seems to happen at the same time every night and it dose'nt matter if you have had the tv on for a while or a short time. From what I have found on a search here everyone has said it's the hard drive and it's starting to die. We have tried reboots and they do not seem to help. Does this sound like a hard drive problem or maybe something else, any ideas or are we soon going to be calling DTV to get a new box:(
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    It probably is going to be end up being your hard drive although it's strange it's the same time each night. Keep in mind they are always recording because of the 30 minute buffer.
    I've had quite a few die and they started out this way, only to end up stuck on the Welcome, powering up screen after they either rebooted themselves or I rebooted to try and get them working again. You can buy a replacement drive and do the software install/swap yourself or order a replacement from weaknees with the software already installed if you want to keep the HR10.
    I've had a few power supplies go as well but your issue sounds like it could be the hard drive.
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    80% HDD, 20% power supply.

    But that does not necessarily mean that the HDD is NG. It might be NG, but there are steps to take first. On what IIRC is the "restart your DVR" page, there are 4 choices, each more invasive than the next. I would try each of them in order. First, do the simple restart (I know you've tried this, but try it again). If that does not fix it, do the next one below that, which resets thumb ratings. If still NG, do the next one, (which can take up to 3 days) which resets everything except the OS itself (if the OS is corrupted, the Tivo probably won't even boot up all the way without going into a loop) and keeps your recordings intact. The final one wipes your recordings. Either the last one or the next to last one might also move from the primary OS location on the HDD to the backup OS location, I can't quite remember.

    The idea of the simple restart is that the OS in RAM may have become corrupted, and that clears it. The next three are based on HDD data corruption, and each moves successively more off the HDD in order to wipe out the corruption. IOW, your HDD may be OK, and just what is on it has become corrupted.

    I personally have had great success with the first two (and I reboot using #2 often to prevent spontaneous reboots, which seems to work very well). I have also had success with #3, and never have had to resort to #4.

    Try those first, before giving up hope. The odds are against it working, but if you are anything like me, you've probably beaten long odds before. Plus, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good luck, post back.

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