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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by pufpufpass, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. pufpufpass

    pufpufpass New Member

    Jun 18, 2010


    Hi all!
    Found this forum today, have been reading and not sure if some, all, or any apply to my cable provider here in Daytona, FL. I moved to this new Condo building and our assoc. went with this old ma-pop cable company to save money, and I am oceanfront so can not get SW pointing setalite signal on this side of the building.

    Advanced Cable Company provides all basic and basic cable channels free with some movie channels and has local HD channels as well. I purchased the THX certified Series3 HD Tivo to record HD channels and I am unable to because there is no Guide!

    Here is what we have. I have 2 HD TVs, one with Tivo and one directly plugged in to the wall on coax cable. They do not have cable boxes. TV without the Tivo required to do a scan to check for channels provided by the cable company, it found all HD channels as 2.1, 6.1, 9.1, etc for local news channels. When I did a guided setup on Tivo it also found these in the same order and I had to select them for them to appear on Tivo, but they have no Guide. Now, when I did the setup I did not select antenna and cable, just cable. I will try both tonight.

    I have not resolved this with them for 2 months now. They have been telling me that they have been communicating with Chicago Tribune for them to update the channel list for the guide but nothing is happening. This cable company is so small I am dealing with the owner of it on his cell phone all the time. From reading on here, I might need cable cards to map this QAM clear channels to channels on the list to get the guide as i understand, but still not sure of how to resolve this issue, not sure if I have same or different issue here than others. Please, any input is greatly appriciated. I spoke to this owner today and he will look into it more, but I heard that for 2 months now and still now resolution.
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    Tivo does not provide guide data for the QAM channels. In most cases, the FCC requires that cable companies provide cable cards. There are exceptions for small cable companies. You can ask them if they can supply cable cards, but I suspect they probably have an exemption if they are that small.

    Rerunning guided setup and selecting cable and antenna is not going to help, unless you connect an antenna. If you are close to the broadcast stations, you may be able to receive over the air (antenna) broadcasts with an indoor antenna. Tivo does provide guide data for OTA, including sub channels, so at lest you would have guide data for the major networks.

    You can still record the QAM channels manually by selecting the date, time, and channel, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having a Tivo.
  3. pufpufpass

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    Jun 18, 2010
    thanks for the reply. So who do I pressure about this, Tivo or the cable company? So for me to have guide on these HD channels, what would be the easiest solution? Does the cable company have to move the channels to like 77-82 instead of having them on .1 channels? He is telling me that he does not know why there is no guide on them, and says that they are mapped to those higher up channels and should work, or he just playing stupid and telling me that he needs to have Chicago Tribune to update the channels with correct list, but from the reading Tivo nor Tribune will have guide on these QAM clear channels on .1s..
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    There are threads that go on for ever talking about this subject. Bottom line is if your cable company has an FCC exemption and does not have to provide cable cards you are SOL.

    You can do manual recordings using a paper TV Guide or you could tell the TiVo you get OTA (over the air) and see if the channels are listed so you could possible use the guide data to look at but you would still have to do manual records and the TiVo would not know what it recorded.

    I would see what you get with a good indoor antenna.

    Good Luck,
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    What he is telling you is probably right. However, in order to see that mapping you need a cable box or in your case, a cable card for the Tivo. Ask him if they offer cable cards. If they don't then you'll be stuck using the manual recordings or an antenna like others have mentioned.

    ETA: Even if they do offer cable cards, you may be stuck since it is your condo that has the service and not you specifically.
  6. bicker

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    Nov 9, 2003
    As others have suggested, your first step is to see if your cable company offers CableCARDs. If they are exempt, then your second step is to pressure the FCC to revoke your cable company's waiver. That's probably going to be very difficult, and is probably more work than you're going to want to engage in, so as an alternative you'd have to just accept the way things are and make the best of the situation.

    No. The only thing the cable company needs to do is (assuming they haven't secured a waiver from the FCC) offer CableCARDs for a nominal fee.
  7. RoyK

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    Or you can build/buy a HTPC and use Windows 7 Media Center which makes QAM channel mapping a very easy thing to do indeed.
  8. slowbiscuit

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    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL
    Or a Moxi, which does the same thing and is a lot easier for a novice to setup and use.

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