Annoying Tivo rocking remote

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Dr.Phil, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Dr.Phil

    Dr.Phil New Member

    Jan 22, 2012


    Does it annoy anyone else when you sit the TiVo remote down that it rocks back and forth making a clacking noise? I've never had another remote that does this, but personally I find it irritating.
  2. MikeAndrews

    MikeAndrews Registered abuser

    Jan 17, 2002
    The newer and glo-remotes do that. The old ones had a flat bottom.

    I got a dashboard sticky pad and put it on my side table. I also stored away my new remotes. I got tired of having to chase them.
  3. Worf

    Worf Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2000
    Or cut down some remote multiplication and get a universal remote. Like a Harmony.

    Though I'm saddened to see such degeneration of TiVo remotes. I think the S1 and S2's probably had the nicest (I also have a Sony worn down to the base plastic). Then the S3s got rid of the List button in favor of the Format button... as if I'd change the output format as often as I'd head to the Now Playing List.
  4. lrhorer

    lrhorer Active Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    Talk about a tempest in a teacup! Teacup... heck, this isn't even a thimble.

    No. First of all, mine have never done this. They only do it if one carelessly sets the remote down on its side. I'v never even experienced it, since I always lay the TiVo down flat. It is natural to do so. I had to go sit one of my remotes down on its side to observe that of which you speak. Secondly, however, even if I were to set the remotes down on their sides, the tiny noise they emit would not bother me to any significant extent.

    So don't sit it down on its side. Holding the remote for use it is natural to have the unit oriented with its buttons facing straight into one's palm. Move your hand to the coffee table (or whatever) without rolling the unit in your hand and you will perforce set the unit down flat on its back, if the rocking bothers you. Problem solved.
  5. lrhorer

    lrhorer Active Member

    Aug 31, 2003


    I use one and only one remote on a regular basis: the TiVo glo-remote.

    'Not even. I have several original peanuts and two glo-remotes. The glo-remotes are considerably superior in all but one or two relatively minor respects. The worst issue with the glo-remote is it eats up batteries in a hurry if the backlight is turned on. OTOH, the S1 / S2 peanut doesn't have a backlight, so if one turns off the backlight of the glo-remote, one has a unit that is not inferior in either respect to the original peanut.

    Hitting the <TiVo> button twice in quick succession is just as easy. It's certainly not enough of an issue to detract significantly from the greatly superior ergonomics and feel of the glo-remote.
  6. lrhorer

    lrhorer Active Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    So does the original peanut.

    Not really. The original peanut had two small concave spots roughly in the middle of the back of each lobe. If placed on its side on a hard, flat surface, an original peanut will act just as the OP described, rocking back-and-forth and making a tiny "clacking" sound until it reaches equilibrium laying flat. The glo-remote has a single, rather larger concave spot in the middle of the back of the upper lobe. The peanut which came with the THD has two concave spots somewhat larger than those on the original peanut. All three will roll back-and-forth a couple of times before coming to rest if set down on their side instead of flat.

    Left to right: S1 Peanut, Glo-Remote, THD Peanut
  7. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Member

    Jan 15, 2012
    I always thought that the TiVo remote rocked. Just not in the way that people are talking about. :D

    I can't say I've ever noticed this problem. Wouldn't a bit of stick-on felt or moleskin in key places solve the problem?
  8. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Well-Known Mumbler

    Aug 2, 2003
    That's not how it happened. I think the List button was only ever on DirecTiVo remotes. (?) Certainly it wasn't on the 540 remote. And there is no "Format" button, old or new. If you mean the "Aspect" button (which is now "Zoom"), that was just a relabelled "Window" button, which was present (but never did anything) on standalone Series 2 remotes.

    And yeah, Aspect/Zoom is way more important to me than List, since I can still get the NPL in two keystrokes, but changing the aspect ratio without the Aspect button would be a nightmare.

    (I just did a bit of Googling to verify my memory of this, and I found that apparently, some versions labelled the Window button "PIP". So that's four different names that button has had. Also, I found out that the Slide is now going for under $40.)

    P.S. And actually, the DirecTiVo remotes still had the "Window" button, but they put it where other peanuts had "TV Power", and put "List" where "Window" should be. Instead, they added a new button for "TV Power", near the middle of the remote, on the left, opposite a similar "TV Input" button on the right, which... oh, never mind, it's too complicated.
  9. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    With the Slide now under $40, anyone know of good deals on a Premiere Glo remote?

    I'd like to replace 3 older glo remotes with the newer ones with the color buttons. No need for slide in rooms where bluetooth will not reach and I dont think you can use more than one slide remote per tivo.
  10. lillevig

    lillevig Cold in East Iowa

    Dec 6, 2010
    Marion, Iowa
    A Purple S1 peanut? Where can I get one? :D
  11. unitron

    unitron Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    semi-coastal NC
    The Sony S1 remote has a list button.
  12. Joe01880

    Joe01880 I love my TiVo

    Feb 8, 2009
    the remote rocks..really

    thats digging deep for something to b!tch about dont ya think?
  13. MikeAndrews

    MikeAndrews Registered abuser

    Jan 17, 2002
    The rounded heel on the glo-remote must make a big difference. Take it as my experience that I had to chase down my glo-remote a lot more than the ONE-TRUE-GOD-GIVEN never should have been messed with TiVo remote design. And PUT THE SELECT BUTTON BACK UNDER THE ROCKER.

    Like I said, my new remotes stay in the box.
  14. Mike Pfeifer

    Mike Pfeifer What?

    Mar 16, 2011
  15. Series3Sub

    Series3Sub Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    I too find it annoying at time, although not highly so, but I love the glo feature so much that I just accept the design and work with it.
  16. aaronwt

    aaronwt UHD Addict

    Jan 31, 2002
    I never even knew the remotes rocked any. I've never had an issue with it. When I place them down on a surface they have always been level with no movement.
  17. jrm01

    jrm01 New Member

    Oct 17, 2003

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