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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by gweempose, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I recently gave one of my THD's to my parents. Since I hadn't finished wiring up their home network, I prepped the machine at my house so that it would be plug-and-play for the installer. Shortly after the Comcast guy arrived at their house, I received a phone call from my dad. The guy refused to install the card because my dad had mentioned that the ethernet wasn't hooked up. I told him to put the installer on the phone, and I proceeded to explain to him that one had nothing to do with the other. He vehemently argued with me, and insisted that the TiVo NEEDED to call in to the mothership once the card was installed.

    I must have argued with the guy on the phone for at least ten minutes. He kept saying that if something went wrong with the install that he would get in trouble. Ultimately, I got him to agree to install the card by having him go into the channel guide and see that the entire digital lineup was already there. Now here's the amazing part. About ten minutes after I got off the phone with him, he actually called me back and apologized. The install went off without a hitch. He also said that I was the only person he had ever met that knew how to properly set up the TiVo before he arrived. I'm just glad the guy was patient enough to stay on the phone with me until I could convince him that he was wrong. :)
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    Wow. Comcast? They should be praised. ;)

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