An early Tivo peanut memory

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    Sep 13, 2006


    I remember years ago, when I had one of the original Tivo's, that could record about 13 hours of SDV, my peanut stopped working after months of smooth operation.

    The original Tivo's didn't have any buttons on it and the only way you could control the Tivo was via the remote.

    Sadly, I ordered a $30 peanut remote from Tivo and waited about 3-4 days to receive it.

    And then, after I received the new peanut, a thought occurred to me, like a lightbulb, and I tried replacing the batteries on my original peanut. And I discovered, whence I had nought a working peanut, I now had two working peanuts..

    Ah, I kept the first for another day, yet knowing how way leads on to way.. Oops, the spirit of Robert Frost just seized me, but for a moment..

    Gino. :).

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