America's Got Talent Finals - OAD 8/14/07 **Spoilers**

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    HUGE difference. How impressed would people be at this point with Cas if he came out each week and sang the same song, but wearing different clothes. Or if the Jamaican Tumblers came out each week and did the exact same routine, but wearing different colored gear. Or if Terry Fator came out each week and sang, "What a Wonderful World" using a different puppet each week.

    Singers sing different songs. Magicians perform different tricks. Even the animal acts didn't have the animals running the same routine each week.

    Quick Change was even chided for doing the exact same act each time. They were asked to come up with something different after the second time. What did they come up with? British themed outfits doing the exact same routine all over again!

    HUGE difference, my friend.

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