American Idol "Top 9 results show" 4/7/2011 *spoilers

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  1. photoshopgrl

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    I agree with Maui. I had no issues with them saving Casey. It's the reason they had to use it for him and the reason Pia was in the danger zone that I take issue with. Steven was so awesome during auditions... what the hell happened? He was so great, giving great quality feedback. Then we get to the live shows and he's this.
  2. Maui

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    They probably loved that fact that Tom Hanks tweeted that he may be done with the this season after watching Pia's elimination.
  3. BrettStah

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    I think it's because of the live audience - Steven and Jennifer don't want to get booed. That doesn't explain Randy, however.
  4. GoHalos

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    Agreed. I've been a long-time Aerosmith fan, and I also liked him a lot in the auditions, but now he's turned into Paula II.
  5. That Don Guy

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    I don't think it's as much "convention" as it is "common sense." Remember, Idol is, when you get down to it, a popularity contest, so you would expect the most popular singer to have a release first (and as soon as possible, to capitalize on the show's popularity). I vaguely remember Reuben Stoddard "giving his blessing" to Clay Aiken releasing the first Season 2 album (I think Reuben was having some sort of problem with his), but can't find any immediate evidence of it.
  6. Cearbhaill

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    Somehow Jimmy Iovine doesn't see it that way :D
  7. Magister

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    I believe that Pia was boring. She sang really boring songs very well. But she didn't perform very well. She just sang.

    Her Wed Night performance was almost comical. Her movements were so forced and stilted, it was obvious someone was forceing her.

    She is the least entertaining of the bottom 9. She might have been more talented vocally, but overall not the best. She didn't generate enough passion to push people to vote. They didn't care enough for her to stay.
  8. aindik

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    Jan 23, 2002
    I'm not saying she's the next big thing. She did have a robotic quality to her. But even with that, she was/is better than the 8 people still left on the show this year.

    James is in a completely different genre, which values an over the top stage presence. The others? At least as boring as Pia is, and without her talent.
  9. SNJpage1

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    May 25, 2006
    If the girls had been allowed to wear their own outfits instead of the ones that Gwen selected for them Pia migh still be here. She looked really hot in the black outfit she wore the night she got voted off. There was also a thing on aol yesterday that Pia is dating one of the pro's from DWTS. The one that Bristol was teamed with last year.
  10. Cearbhaill

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    Yeah, she'd been angling for someone to hook her up with Mark Ballas and someone came through.

    She could do a million billion times better on her worst day.

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