American Idol "Top 8 performance show" 4/13/2011 *spoilers

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    I think it is more to do with the fact that someone of note from that genre would actually consent to appear on a cheesey reality show like American Idol.

    I mean it's not as if Idol hasn't had its share of notable guest stars- they still have a huge audience that is worth targeting, no matter how much it might sting the ego of whomever.
    But metal doesn't usually play that way.

    I'd be interested to know who made the phone call. It can be perceived as lending an air of legitimacy to James.
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    Essentially, yes he is a pretty big name when it comes to metal guitarists. The style of playing is usually not my cup of tea but it worked for the song very well.

    Interesting to note that, according to James, he is coming up with these performance ideas. He said that he asked Zakk to perform and a few weeks ago it was his idea to have the piano burst into flames. He says the producers try an accomodate the wishes whenever possible.
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    Seacrest on his radio show said they are changing Idol up this year and are working on releasing singles prior to the end of the season because of so much talent they have this year.

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