American Idol "Episode #525" for 3/28/06 *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Kamakzie, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Kamakzie Are you serious bro?

    Jan 7, 2004


    I am making sure McPhee isn't in the bottom 3! :D
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    darthrsg New Member

    Jul 25, 2005
    post 911...
    crunch wrap supremes are very kickarse.
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    Miro127 Active Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    I completely agree. While it was nice to hear at first, Chris is starting to sound totally redundant and I'd like to hear something new from him. I had him pegged to win it all for the last few weeks, but if he continues like this, I doubt he'll be top 3.
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    Havana Brown

    Havana Brown Ring Turner

    Feb 3, 2005
    The whole show tonite was one big bag of suck.

    Lisa - pretty dumb to do a Kelly Clarkson song. She didn't sound all that great.

    Madisa - not a good song for her.

    Kellie - I actually liked it. It was a fun song. Did I just say that?

    Taylor - nothing exciting, sorry Firerose, you can keep your baby daddy. ;)

    Ace- Ok, I've had enough of Ace, he was creepy tonite.

    Katharine - meh, y'all can keep her too.

    Paris - Liked it, but I thought she said she's do something young. :confused:

    Chris - I don't get the judges. One week they say stick with what you're good at, your comfort zone, the next it's you need to branch out.

    Bucky - I think he was a bit better than Lisa.

    Elliott - I don't get it. I don't think he soudns all that great. The bouncing was getting annoying, I'm glad Simon called him out on it. Pretty funny thought that Elliott did it intentionally at the end with Ryan.
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    SullyND W: 52-0 TCF Club

    Dec 30, 2004
    Chicago Burbs


    This was generally not a great show. No real standout performance. Pretty much I agree with just about everything Havana just said...

    Lisa - She's like generic vanilla ice cream, not bad, and you'd rather have it than no ice cream at all, but you'll be glad there is still some rocky-road.

    Madisa - Not a song I would listen to, but I thought her performance was ok.

    Kellie - She looked better tonight, I thought she did a good job, not in the top five, but not the bottom three either.

    Taylor - I agreed with Simon, the coat just didn't work for him and looked out of place, though I thought the performance was ok.

    Ace- eh.

    Katharine - This was my least favorite of her performances, but I guess it was ok.

    Paris - I thought it was pretty good, probably my favorite performance by her.

    Chris - I thought Chris was pretty good. I agree with Havana last week they were praising him for being himself, this week saying he's a one trick pony.

    Bucky - Bucky's best performance. Judges praise him for doing what he knows after just criticizing Chris for it.

    Elliott - I've never liked Elliot, thought he looked like a meth head at first, but better now. His performance was one of his worst.

    Bottom three...


    Going home...

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    Feb 12, 2005
    Elliott usually has a very smooth, clean voice. Its like he sings from his gut instead of Ace, who sings from his nose.
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    jradosh Newlywed

    Jul 31, 2001
    This is the first week that Paris really was a disappointment for me :(

    That said... go home Bucky ;)
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    Martha Member

    Oct 6, 2002
    South Carolina
    Are they letting the "stylists" also pick their songs?

    A) They stink as stylists.

    B) They stink as song-pickers.

    All these contestants were way better before the handlers at AI got ahold of them.
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    IndyTom New Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    Zionsville, IN
    Interesting how they let Chris come clean on his Live rendition of last week - since he failed to acknowledge that it wasn't an original arrangement.

    I read that blogs and AI's message boards were all over him for accepting credit from the judges for making Walk The Line "his own".

    AI went out of their way tonight to let Chris get his street cred back and set the record straight.
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    danielhart Nerp Nerp

    Apr 27, 2004
    Just watched the show here on the left coast. At approximately 9:10 p.m., I got through on 13 out of 15 calls for Chris. I think his song choice was pushing the envelope a bit too far for Idol, and he probably put off a lot of viewers tonight. I was hoping he would do more of a ballad, something like A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay would have been a great choice for him.

    Overall, I thought everyone sucked tonight.

    Lisa or Bucky will get the axe, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Chris in the bottom 3 for this one week........
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    Feb 12, 2005
    AI doesnt reward talent as much as it rewards 10-19 year old female viewers.
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    jtfresh jtfresh

    Nov 14, 2005
    San Diego
    I think going to an hour from two hours really limited the vocalists tonight. All their songs were like a minute and a half if that. You really can't get a good arrangement of a 4-5 minute song in a minute and a half and it really showed in the performances. I like the fact that there were less commercials but 9 people in one hour just made it hard for the singers in my opinion to express what they needed to. I actually thought Paris and Katherine McPhee were the best, even though my favorites are Mandisa and Taylor.
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    mtm150 Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    Lancaster, PA
    Did Elliott forget a word or two towards the beginning or was it just me, when he started walkind down from the steps it seemed like he really missed a word.

    And Katherine was horrible, I couldn't stand her. But the judges liked her for some reason. I just don't get it.

    They actually all stunk.
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    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Well, it's hard to tell from my end, because we were having issues with the HD feed all night on FOX (they actually never ended up showing HD here, and they dropped to color bars/tone several times throughout the night).

    But from my end, it sounded like an audio drop, kind of like how they censor some songs performed live, but I couldn't figure out why they'd censor it... it sounded like they dropped the word "birth" in the line "I don't have to be anyone other than a birth of two souls in one."
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    japs New Member

    Mar 7, 2006
    All I can say about tonight's show that the highlight of it was seeing George Huff in the audience.I really miss that dude!

    He were also at the pre-show earlier together with season's four finalist Jessica Sierra.
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    Ntombi New Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    Well, this is the first time I remember the "today" songs being worse than the 50s theme night. I thought no one really nailed it. Even Mandisa, whom I usually love, picked a song that wasn't good for the format.

    I think Taylor was one of the best. I really liked him singing more than performing.

    Katherine, Paris and Chris were good, but not as good as they'd been in the past.

    Lisa was painful. Just painful.

    Lisa, Bucky, Ace, and Kellie showed that they are several levels below the rest. Lisa should go, but I'll be fine if it's any one of them.

    I also thought that Elliot forgot a word or two, but he refocused quickly.
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    ThomasDrew New Member

    Dec 29, 2003
    Oh boy....where to begin???

    Lisa Tucker- Who does this girl appeal to? Too "white" to be black, too "black" to be white. Very non-descript in just about every way which means that she'd be a staple on the Disney channel and/or radio. An extremely ambitious song selection, I knew she was in over her head five seconds in. It's a tall order to pick a song by perhaps the *best* AI contestant EVER, much less one that is *dominating* pop music these days.

    She chose the easy way out by doing a gospel song. Preaching, shouting and generally oversinging the entire time, she did nothing to advance her cause. I know it's terrible to say this but I will anyway...she makes Martha Wash look like Mary-Kate Olsen. Frankly, she's too fat to win this thing....fair or not, appearance matters in the entertainment industry and looks often trump talent. There's no denying she can sing, but women are indeed held to a higher standard. The 2006, female version of Ruben Studdard won't be winning this time around.

    Kellie Pickler- Worst. Song. Choice. EVER.

    George W. Bush was elected twice by the same demographic that votes for Kellie. That scares me. She could be around a lot longer than she deserves for two reasons. One, she's a cute, ditzy blonde chick who prefers country and two, she resembles Carrie, the (southern) girl who won this whole thing last year.

    Ace "I'm not really a singer but I play one on TV" Young- The secret is out. You can't sing. Maybe he and Elliot could hook up and do a Milli Vanilli thing where the vocals are supplied by the ugly guy and the pretty boy fronts the act. I seriously think he's a fraud. Chris is the true rocker, just like Bo Bice was last year. Ace is this season's Constantine Maroulis. Poser.

    Taylor- The novelty of him being an "old soul" (read: 28 year-old with premature grey) is wearing thin. Yes, he can sing. Yes, he's a lot more interesting than many of the other contestants. More importantly, is he worthy of winning American Idol and honestly, could you envision him sharing a stage with Kelly, Clay, Fantasia, Ruben or Carrie? NO way, not EVER.

    I think she is the one contestant that has all the tools, but the toolbox seems to be lacking somewhat. She *could* be tremendous...her voice is "radio-friendly" and with the right songs and producers, she'd be a huge success. There's something missing that I can't quite put my finger on. I hope she steps up her game over the remaining weeks and starts to capitalize on her obvious talents.

    Paris- An urban, 2006 version of Diana DeGarmo with perhaps a stronger voice. Did I hear her say she wanted to "get back to being a kid" and then she comes out and starts shaking her ass all over the stage, singing about men in her apartment? I'm confused. Didn't care much for the song, but she can definitely sing. A bit of a flake when she has to speak though.....

    Chris- Yawn. Keep going back to the well and it eventually runs dry. Then again, it worked for Ruben and nearly worked for Bo so, why not? I still want to see how he handles some of the other genres before writing him off. That said, I generally like the guy and think he's about as "real" as anyone they've ever had on the show. He'll be employed doing something after the show, of that I am certain.

    Bucky- It's contestants like Bucky that make me thankful that TIVO's remote has a fast-forward button. Could very well be the worst of the group and perhaps one of the worst ever (Carmen Rasmussen or John Stevens anyone?) Simply awful.

    Elliott- The good: He can sing....and sing well. The bad: Looks like a drug addict who just got off the short yellow bus. In dire need of a makeover a la Clay Aiken....If only we could combine the strengths and attributes of Ace and Elliott we'd have this years winner.....
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    debtoine WTTWDC

    May 17, 2001
    Wow - amazed by the DialIdol results. I know they were way off with Elliot last weak, but they did have the other two bottom three people right. So, there is some merit to the system.

    Put in spoilers for those who don't want to see.


    1 Taylor Hicks 40.6993 -
    2 Kellie Pickler 32.951 -
    3 Chris Daughtry 26.5524 -
    4 Elliott Yamin 18.8601 -
    5 Lisa Tucker 18.3497 -
    6 Paris Bennett 16.3077 -
    7 Mandisa 15.2657 -
    8 Bucky Covington 14.8601 -
    9 Ace Young 14.5245 -
    10 Katharine McPhee 14.3217 -
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    boneill Amazing Race Junkie

    Feb 7, 2004
    What happened to Lisa? She was strong early on, but seems to be getting worse every week. Confidence problems?

    I thought this was Mandisa's weakest performance. They got on Chris for sticking with the same style, but didn't really mention it to Mandisa.

    I have to disagree about Kellie's song choice. I don't think she's that great of a singer, and this song allowed her to be "cute" without making any mistakes vocally. She will get through again even though she's one of the weakest singers.

    What was up with Ace's trembling at the end? Terrible performance.

    My wife liked Taylor's performance. I liked seeing him sing instead of dance, but I didn't really enjoy the song. He sounded alright. Just not my thing I guess. He, Chris, and Mandisa seem to be the only ones who actually know who they are.

    I thought this was Katherine's weakest. She sounded very whiny up high. Simon's comparison to Christina was ridiculous. Christina's probably insulted. The thing Katherine's missing as a star is charisma. She's dorky.

    Paris can sing and perform well, but there was no wow to this one. Didn't like the song choice, going up against Beyonce. Simon was right.

    I liked Chris again. I guess he's a one-trick pony but I'd buy his album.

    Bucky sucks, even in his best performance so far.

    Elliott looked uncomfortable. I don't think we've really seen his best, and I think he has a great voice, but that performance was only ok, yet again.

    I'd put Lisa, Ace, and Bucky in the bottom three, with Bucky out. I think it will probably be Lisa out though.
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    appleye1 Active Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Back From...
    :confused: How do you know what demographic is voting for Pickler? Do you have some sort of inside info? :confused:

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