American Dad! S07E01 "Hot Water"

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    Really? I always laugh when people question the continuity of a cartoon, as if anyone would every have to "explain" why characters killed in one episode are now back as if nothing happened. I feel bad for anyone who can't enjoy a cartoon because they feel like the writers are just doing whatever and there's no continuity. I was watching this episode and never once thought "OMG how are they gonna bring them back if they're dead!!!". It's not "24".

    Did the episode even "end" though? I could have sworn it was a cliffhanger of some kind. It didn't really seem like it was an ending. If I remember right, Francine was pulled into (or under?) the hot tub and then it flung stan across the street and he passed out reaching for the can of hot tub calmer-downer. I honestly just assumed it would continue in the next episode (next weeks episode, since last weeks was the Hurricane one they pulled in April).

    The characters on all of these animated shows never age, and if we can look past that "continuity error", I think we can accept AD for what it is. Good old fashioned non-nonsensical hilarity.

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