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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Pressed250, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Sep 15, 2016


    I am very long time (back to Series 1) owner, recently upgraded to a Bolt. The idea of creating OnePasses for streaming shows on Amazon and Netflix was enticing: a new season would auto-magically pop-up in My Shows! So far, I've had no such luck. (OnePass setup: streaming only, new episodes only, don't rent/buy.)

    The OnePass in question is for Bosch Season 3 on Amazon. A week after the new season arrived, nothing showing up in My Shows. Go to Plan B: manually add the show ...

    So I navigate to Bosch, find Season 3 Episode 1, and add a bookmark for the whole of Season 3. All done through the TiVO interface (not the Amazon app) and I'm feeling OK-good that I will now see Season 3 show up under My Shows. No such luck.

    Re-phrasing for clarity: Bosch Season 3 is in the TiVO guide. My auto-magic OnePass overlooks it entirely. Even more frustrating, my "manual" Plan B effort to add the season using a bookmark yields zero results under My Shows. Lastly, at the risk of stating the obvious, I can watch the new season by launching the Amazon app.

    Suggestions very much appreciated!
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    It should be OP capable by now, but it's not. Usually for streaming shows that premiered before last fall, the OP will populate about 3 days after it's made available by the OTT provider. For shows that premiered after last fall (after the Rovi guide conversion), OP availability will be extremely hit-or-miss. Many shows will NOT be available; those that are were probably manually added to TiVo's database after enough people complained. There is zero evidence TiVo intends to fix this issue, which is ridiculous since OP is a headline feature of the service.

    You can try to contact support and let them know about this. No telling whether they will fix it. But, please do, because I'm working my way through S2 at the moment, and am loving it. :)
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    Some shows take much longer than 3 days to appear in your One Pass. Marvel's Iron Fist came out on March 17th but I think all episodes only appeared recently, over a month later. Amazon Prime is the same.

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