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    I was logging in my streaming apps on my new Tivo Roamio and all went well until I got to the Amazon Prime app. (And on a side note, I prefer to use my computer to register with a code from the app on the Tivo.) I entered the password in 5 times, and I was certain it was correct every time. It said the password/email were wrong. I then logged in to my Amazon account and changed my password to something else. It then worked on my Tivo. Odd.

    So then I went back to the back and looked at my cell phone and there were 5 messages from Amazon saying I had to inter a code in the password area on the Tivo to get it to work. It was a one time code and would only work for the next 10 minutes. I never entered any of these codes. But I guess after I changed my password they just let it go without the code they wanted to send me.

    They need to update their app if they want it work with a code this way.
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