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    I didn't see any post about this - if I missed them sorry.

    Amazon has an added supported section (like Vudu), so for those with Amazon Prime you can access "free" add supported movies & TV shows on your TiVos.

    In the Amazon Prime video app scroll down to the Prime Video Channels row and then scroll over to IMDb Freedive and click on it. You will then get listings of all the add supported movie & TV shows.
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    To be fair, that thread doesn't mention availability of the content through Amazon Prime Video ... an app available on our beloved TiVo's. (Or at least I missed that tidbit.)

    On my Roku Stick, I found the Freedive channel listed among the "Recommended Channels" bar in the Prime Video app. I haven't found a way, yet, to add it to my "Your Channels" bar.
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    It was at the weekly "Hydra Society" meeting :D Wait...hold on...there is no secret Hydra Society, so they just told me :eek::eek:

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