Amazing Race - 2/27/11

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    But when the first team arrived at the mat last week the cowboys weren't that far behind yet were they? They would have known before the FIRST team got to the mat that they were going to be WAY WAY behind in order to give the first team that got there the clue instead of "checking them in"

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    ^^^^^ This!!!!!
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    I think I heard Kent say he got an "A" in chemistry. I'm assuming he was an outcast in high school (whether or not he had adopted a Goth persona at the time), so he wouldn't have had much to distract him from his studies.
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    It almost seems like the team with the U-turn was planned to have zero chance for salvation. The only break they had was that the first flight to Australia got delayed, but they screwed that up by getting to the sign-in sheet too late so they ended up on the second flight to the Outback. Once in the Outback the detour options were too easy for them to make up any ground.

    I think if they did modify the format of the first leg it was because the flight to Australia that was delayed, and their window to do the planned detour had to be canceled since there wouldn't be enough time for all the teams to finish that day. The detour they did do was probably the planned detour of leg #2. Just a theory.
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    Once again, there is no evidence that they change the structure of the race, mid-race, to favor any one particular team.
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