Am I missing "search" with Netflix?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by akc, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Mar 13, 2003
    We have had no problem using/watching Netflix on our Tivo Premiere(s) - the only thing driving me nuts is --- is there really no way to search and add movies to the Instant Queue? I can access it, of course, and play movies, but I've had to go to the web or my iphone/ipad app to actually Browse/Search what's available to add to the Instant Queue.

    Is that really the case? It's bizarre that you can search / browse with the Tivo and then see the little symbols that something is available on Netflix, but then when you go to choose that option to watch something, it sends you to your Netflix Instant Queue which doesn't necessarily contain what you were just interested in watching???

    Thx (or maybe just thanks for letting me vent)?
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    And the rest is silence......
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    The Netflix App itself is currently just your Instant Queue, But I would expect a major overhaul of that app in the coming months.

    As for Searching from TiVo Search you should be able to go directly to the Movie or specific TV Episode if it is available on Netflix. I have no problem with the search, It does not take me to my Instant Queue, instead it goes directly to a Netflix Menu that has two, three or four options:
    • Play
    • View my Instant Queue
    • Play
    • View my Instant Queue
    • Remove season from Instant Queue
    • Resume playing
    • Play from Beginning
    • View my Instant Queue
    • Remove season from Instant Queue

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