All Rise S01E21 "Dancing at Los Angeles" 2020-05-04

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    A bit of a meta episode as they worked in the current Stay-At-Home situation into an episode by filming it as a bunch of Skype/Zoom calls between the cast members.

    Except for the Callan/Quinn moving in together bit, it was almost a candidate non-canon episode.

    I was actually on Jury Duty for a civil case when LA Superior Court shut down. They really did get blind-sided by the suddenness and absoluteness of the order. They tried staving it off on the day before the go-home order came in by kicking everyone out of the gallery, then kicking us the jury out of the jury box and spreading us out in the gallery. We got to Plaintiff's closing arguments at the end of that day, with the Judge reassuring everybody that the supervising judge would only shut down new trials and active trials would get the chance to complete. We showed up the next morning to hear Defendant's closing and start deliberation and they wouldn't let us in the door.

    The court clerk met us outside and handed us copies of the continuance order for 6 weeks, with the first attempt to re-start on April 27. At the end of the period, it was obvious that the stay-at-home order was going to last a lot longer, and the judge ordered a mistrial. While it was frustrating for us not to finish our duty to the end, I feel really bad for both parties, as the trial was going to wind up being a 3-week trial by the time we were done. It was a slog. Defendant's counsel called us to get feedback on the trial from the jury (as most counsel try to do) and their frustration was obvious. But they understood why it happened.

    Callan needs to finish up filling out his quarantine beard and do a bit of grooming, and it'll look good. Watkins shouldn't try for more than a goatee. And does Bethel (Callan) have nudes on his living room walls? All his decorative artwork was blurred out.

    I wonder if the cast will get camera/photographer credits for this episode. I'll check IMDB later.

    --Carlos "Juror #10" V.
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    I have to say I was pretty surprised when I turned it on - I have been thinking we are going to have a gazillion of these in the fall - I didn't think we would get any that fast.
    I turned it off to watch it later - I watch this show for mild escapism - too current for me, but kudos to them for making that happen that fast.
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    I thought that this was a masterful episode (and had come here to post about it). The characters still very much were the characters, the story was an "All Rise" story and not that of the producers and actors, and it all made sense within the context of the current pandemic in the story's world. It's in the line of the "Modern Family" episode with Claire speaking to the family over her smartphone for the entire episode. The only thing out-of-place for me was the final credits (!), simply basic text on a colored background.

    Kudos to the writers, actors, and stupendous production staff. A solid "A."

    Interesting that 2 of the guest characters were shown together physically at the end of the episode--I assume that the actors likely are a couple.
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    I'm expecting too that we'll have a lot of shows about the lock down next season--probably more than I'll want to see, but I thought this was really well done. Not realistic legally maybe, but entertaining. :up:
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    I didn't like it. It took me 3 tries to make it all the way through. I watch TV shows to forget about being stuck at home all the time, not to be reminded of it.
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