all of a sudden my tivo to go recordings are not transferring to media player

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    Oct 22, 2005


    I have a zen micro and was transferring my tivo recordings over tivo to go through windows media player with no problem. I downloaded a trial program to convert dvds for the zen and didn't like it so I uninstalled it. After that I tried to transfer a program and it looked like it transferred but when I go to play it in media player it gives me an error and says I am missing a codec. It also gives me an error when I try to transfer it to the zen but it did show up in media player. I figured the program messed something up so I uninstalled and reinstalled tivo to go. All the programs I transferred since then play fine and use media player to play them but if I open media player they are not there to transfer to my zen. I have tivo to go configured to put my recordings in my windows media library and I have windows media player configured to monitor my tivo recordings. Help. Judy :(

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